What is a legal Assessment Interview?

Most of the time when we think of an interview we picture a traditional interview; cold office, eery waiting room, desk, interviewer and interviewee.

Now if you though that was daunting, companies and firms have upped their game creating multiple new interview styles that are even more complicated and terrifying.

In this post we will be discussing the Legal Assessment Interview.

I was only asked to do this once. I asked what was on the exam and was there any possible way for me to prepare. They said no, with its main purpose to test your “critical thinking” and how well you do under pressure.

Obviously I did  not accept this answer and scoured the net to find information or examples of what this legal assessment entails. Continue reading “What is a legal Assessment Interview?”

The Journey of A Lawyer

What is law? Is it a set of rigorous rules and codes monitoring the public with it’s cold, emotionless glare, free of passion, as once famously said? Or is it rules created solely on the basis of emotion, fear from evil and an urgency to protect and do what we feel is morally correct? The very nature of law is passion. It invokes every kind of emotion from us all.

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Fe1 Courses- Which one to choose? Griffith v City College

Ahhh the dreaded Fe1s. So much stress, so much MONEY spent. So deciding on which course to choose is an important decision. Both had around the same quality of lecturers and in terms of quality of resources provided I preferred Griffith College.

However, the ultimate determining factor to consider, is that City College allows you to access the materials and go to the lectures again if you repeat and considering the cost of these course (approx.  >1,200 euro for 4 subjects)

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I hope this was helpful, stayed tuned to see our latest posts.

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